I am a Mixed Media Artist and photographer from the Central Coast of New South Wales Australia. My art practice attempts to engage the viewer so that they may observe and appreciate the natural and manmade environments: the conglomeration of little things make the big things whether they are fictional, real or emotional.

My practice involves photography, painting, drawing, embellishing and decoupage style which is explored through mixed media including acrylic paints, various different types of inks, stamps, papers which are decorative and recycled, Oil Paint sticks, texture paste, Ephemera.

My work is an expression of the beauty I see around me and through my work, I can ‘freeze’ it or capture important moments from my perception whether it is real or imagined.

I have a WWC nuber and run various classes from home and programs mapped to the Australian curriculum

For information on my work contact me on info@creationsbytamzen.com

Hope you enjoy my work as much as I do!